Content Creator

Our stream team consists of the highest quality in gaming and entertainment. We are always looking for great talent to add to our exclusive team and these qualifications are what we look for:
• Current Affiliate status.
• Recommended 500+ Followers
• 40 hours per month streamed to your channel.
• Professional page with excellent graphics and stream quality.
• Leadership and Teamwork skills.
• A positive image that we could represent alongside our organization.
• A signature style all your own.
• Do not disparage anyone based on gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality.
• Community engagement through Twitter and Discord.
• Add “Streamer for @FullMetalGaming” in your Twitter bio.
• Use the hashtag #FMGSquad when posting on Twitter.
• Sign Full Metal Gaming contract.


eSports Player

Competitive gaming is our bread and butter. We know the skill and effort it takes to get to the upper echelons of the competitive gaming world. We want dedicated athletes who are not only skilled at their given games but also have the focus and drive to succeed. Your resumes should include:

• A brief description of your experience.
• Links to everything including but not limited to:
• Your rankings
• Your placements in competitions
• Highlight reels of your gameplay
We primarily pick up players and teams that have built a fanbase or community around themselves. Having a following won’t make or break your application but it is definitely a benefit so we recommend including it. We primarily look at your Twitch, YouTube & Twitter.
• Include your Link
• Include your YouTube Link
• Include your Twitter Link


Management and Staff

There is not a day that goes by where we at Full Metal Gaming aren’t working hard. If we expect our streamers and athletes to have the dedication to their craft, we expect more from our staff. We are looking for the best in the fields of Management, Marketing & Advertising, Social Media Managers, Stream Team Managers, Video Production, Talent Acquisition, Esports Management and Web Development/Graphic Design. When submitting your resume please include the following:

• Contact details.
• Opening statement.
• List of key skills.
• List of technical/software skills.
• Personal attributes/career overview.
• Educational qualifications.
• Employment history including contact information for verification.
• References/referees.